Bellecoso Redirect
Rebooting Bellecoso the Harpy and Gai the Elf

Hello all… 5 of you whom have stuck with me this long, regarding these characters!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done much of anything Bellecoso related, and there are many reasons behind this.

First of all, I went on a hiatus over a year ago, because I had burned out after transitioning Gai from a Robot to an Elf, ala Pinocchio magic, and focused on another blog for a while. When I was ready to go back to Bellecoso, my motivation tanked due to lack of material presented by Gaia Online itself.

The hiatus extended until I basically gave up, and started working on aspects for Bellecoso and Gai to be used in my own IP universe, rather than relying on Gaia Online’s, now that they have gone the way of profit first, fun later.

In the last several months, new backstory was made, new species headcanons born, and even a whole culture created surrounding Bellecoso’s people. I have a lot that I can work with for a complete originalverse story.

But wouldn’t you know it? Gaia timed itself brilliantly to work on their plot again, and my motivation is coming back.

So, I have decided to do a complete reboot of Bellecoso’s blog.

Don’t go yet! Hear me out!

When Bellecoso was created, she was never intended to be kept. She was a throw-away idea for Valentine’s Day. I was simply too lazy to change my Gaia Online avatar after the event was over before a now-friend of mine found her forum posts and took interest in her.

In RPing and creating the blog, I honestly had NO idea what I was even doing with this character. Considering she went through a whole species change, and Gaia went from robot to flesh and blood; that’s pretty obvious signs of “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING, JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL

I have grown as an artist and a writer in the last few years. I would like to try again, now that Bellecoso and Gai both have a great deal of depth.

But the reboot will not happen right away. I want to see first what Gaia Online has in store for some of the canon characters Bellecoso affiliates with. Namely, a certain stoic captain.

Depending on how things go with Gaia Online’s plot will determine the path of this reboot. If Cresento comes out virtually unharmed, the reboot will have Bellecoso living in the Gaia-verse as she did in the beginning.

But we will be starting from 0.

All the knowledge of Bellecoso you have now? Most of it has probably changed. You can ask questions you once asked before, and the answer may be different! This also means that the relationship statuses she has with certain characters will also be reset. This is not to stab at any of my friends whom I loved and enjoyed RPing with. This is for a very good reason.

I need to stop applying so much work and stress into RPing. There’s too much stress and reliance on one another for things to happen, and since there is more than one person involved in the writing, not everything will go as the other expects; making it even more stressful than it need be. I will still RP on free time as it permits; but as far as the blog goes? It will be a pure ask and art blog with no interactions aside from what is dropped into the ask box, and what I myself write.

This is not personal.

I repeat: this is NOT personal.

So, what will happen if things do not go as I hope in the Gaia Online plot?

Well, remember what I said before about how I’d been working on developing Gai and Bellecoso to be in an original IP verse?

The blog will be rebooted for that universe instead. If we go in that direction, even more changes will occur, obviously. Setting, species, relationships, all sorts of things. But Bellecoso’s motherly, protective, strict, and curious nature will remain intact. As will Gai’s energetic, imaginative, and childish personality. They will remain the same as characters. The only major differences will just be the setting has changed.

And as for what the blog will focus on if we don’t go the Gaia Online universe route? Why, I see no problem with simply focusing on the life and times of a mother and child! Who knows? A story could take off in the world they live in!

Only time will tell. Either way, the Bellecoso blog IS coming back, and it will be all located on this url, rather than the old one. The old one will remain for archive and memory purposes, but will not be updated anymore, other than this post to be reblogged for information reasons.

Any questions regarding the reboot should be applied here, now that I have the Ask Box opened for such things.

I really hope this has been informative for you, and I’m really sorry if you’re upset that I’m going a complete reboot route; rather than picking up where we last left off.

I just hope that if you choose to stay with me, I continue to entertain you, and you can continue to support me in any way you can, from feedback to just simply sticking around and quietly watching.

Thank you for your time.



((Amazing Commission done by the talented Angelica Russell of Bellecoso and her beloved little treasure, Gai!
Go check out her art work! She may still have commissions open if you’re interested!


((Amazing Commission done by the talented Angelica Russell of Bellecoso and her beloved little treasure, Gai!

Go check out her art work! She may still have commissions open if you’re interested!